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Kwon Ji Yong
31 August 2009 @ 08:18 pm
reserved for seoul_dna
Kwon Ji Yong
10 August 2009 @ 07:39 pm

Name: Kwon Jiyong
Age: 21
Blood type: Full blood
Family: Mother, Older sister, Father's whereabouts unknown
Eyes: Dark Brown
Hair: Naturally black, but it is dyed light brown/brown.. depends on his mood

Teaches: Transfiguration
Likes: peeping at female students, walking around the school, traveling, the beach, sunny days with clear blue skies, blueberry flavoured ice-cream
Dislikes: loud students, students that talk back, hypocrites, pineapple

Lived with his mother in a quiet town in South Korea until he was sent a letter from Hogwarts, school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He entered the school with a mischievous mind and a glint in his eye. Jiyong's grades were just above average, and when he finished school he travelled the world, working with witches and wizards from numerous overseas countries. After a few years of that, he decided to come back to South Korea, and applied for a teaching position at Hogwarts. Jiyong was accepted and is now teaching Transfiguration. He also has an older sister who is married to a ministry worker. His sister loved to duel, and was one of the best duelists in the country. Jiyong's father was well known throughout the magical world as the notorious mastermind thief, 'Yahst'. His father was never there for his wife, but always sent 'souvenirs' back home. one of these 'souvenirs' is worn around Jiyong's neck at all times. It is.. a secret d: ALSO.. his cousin's daughter is his niece, aka Sandara Park.

Jiyong is quite outgoing, quirky, he can be a dork sometimes as well. However, he is also quite mature and understanding; the perfect person to talk to when you have problems. He is very laid back with the students, making him a usual favourite, and hates having to give them detention or taking away house points.

Animagus form:

Single and lonely DD;

ALSO wanna talk? Chat with me on MSN/AIM: gdgdbaby@live.com

Jiyong's ready to plot so, raise your hands~ :DD

Hwang Tiffany - catches him doing stuff that single, "old" men do.. and he has a slight thing for her
Joo Brian - close friend; teaches Jiyong about the muggle world and tries to keep his friend in line
Lee Seungri - Jiyong is his animagus tutor
Kim Kibum (Key) - Jiyong tutors him and gives him advice
Lee Jinki (Onew) - Jiyong treats him especially nice; is gonna teach him about self-transfiguration
Park Sandara - her uncle; he doesn't mind her calling him "ahjussi" instead of "songsaengnim"